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Prophet Mohamed


Abu al-Qasim Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib (April 22, 571 - June 8, 632) is the Messenger of God to mankind and the jinn. He is the last of the Messengers. He was sent to restore them to the monotheism and worship of God, like all the prophets and messengers, and he is the last of them, and he was sent to all people, and he is the most honorable of all creatures and mankind. When mentioning his name, we say “May God bless him and grant him peace,” with the addition of “his family” and “his companions” in some cases, as it is mentioned in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, which urges the people to pray for him. Muhammad left a great impact on the souls of Muslims, and the manifestations of their love and veneration for him increased by following his command, his way of life and his worship of God, and their preservation of his words, deeds and attributes and compiled this in books known as biography and hadith books. Michael Hart said on Muhammed that he is the most influential figure in the entire history of humanity, as "the only human being in history who has succeeded absolutely in the religious and the worldly establishments"

He was born in Mecca in the month of Rabi` al-Awwal of the year of the elephant event, fifty-three years before the Hijra (his migration from Mecca to Medina), which corresponds to the year 570 or 571. He was born orphaned by the father, and lost his mother at an early age (6 years old), so he was brought up in the custody of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib, then his uncle Abu Talib, where he grew up, and during that period he worked in a grazing and then in trade. At the age of twenty-five, he married Khadija Bint Khuwaylid and had all of his children with her except Ibrahim. Before Islam, he rejected the idolatry and pagan practices that were widespread in Makkah. The revelation was revealed to him and he was assigned to the message when he was forty years old, he ordered the invitation in secret for three years, after them he spent another ten years in Mecca loudly calling its people, and all those who came to it from the merchants, pilgrims and others. He immigrated to Medina, called Yathrib at that time in the year of 622, at the age of fifty-three, after the Quraish masters who opposed his call and sought to kill him conspired against him, and he lived there for ten years later calling for Islam, and he established the core of Islamic civilization, which later expanded and included Makkah and all cities And the Arab tribes, where the Arabs unified for the first time on a monotheistic religion and a unified state, and called for the rejection of racism and tribalism. God bless you, Messenger of God.

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